5 1/2 months
3 1/2 months
9 months
"TMR Follow Me Isa'bout Time HIC"
(Isabelle) or Izzy for short.

    Best Puppy in Breed, Beamsville RBCSWO August 2011

    WB Winners Bitch, BOW Best of Winners,
    BPB Best Puppy in Breed at  RBCSWO show
    October 2011

    ASDR, NSDR, NAMASCUSA & IMASC registered

    Sire:                  TMRs Song And Dance             
    Dam:                 Pockets Wrapped in Red Ribbons      
    Whelped:          April 6, 2011
    Height:              16"
    Weight:             31 lbs
    CERF:               Normal April 2012
    OFA(Hips):        GOOD     MAS-1515G37F-PI
    OFA Patellas:    Normal
    PRA-Prcd:         N/N Clear   (Genomia)
    MDR1:               N/N Clear  (Genomia)
    HC(HSF4):         N/N Clear  (Genomia)
    DM:                    N/N Clear (Gensol)
    Red Factored:   YES    
    BET Producer:   YES
Izzy is a fun dog.  She loves to play fetch & Frisbee.  She thinks she is a
small dog though and likes to curl up on the top part of the couch.  She
is a bit wary of strangers but given time, she can come around.  Izzy has
nice bone and a nice head and nice straight top line and good length of
neck.   She has a very strong natural herding instinct.  She has an
amazing thick luscious coat to add to her beauty.  She is my love, my
goof-ball, my "dorkie dog", and cuddle bug.  Izzy is now back home
here with me.  i will eventually be looking for a retirement home for her.  
If you are interested, see my Adult dogs available page for more info.
7 months