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Keeyla's Page
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IABCA & RBCSWO Champion,
Honey Creek Key To My Hart HIC CGN
aka:  Hartjes' Keeyla.
Producing Champions!
AKC Miniature American Shepherd
Rare Breeds Champion
Blue Eyed Tri Producer!
AKC Miniature American Shepherd
Dam:                  Pockets Honey Creek Hula Katie
Sire:                   INT CH Coat Tails Harley
Whelped:           April 4, 2009
Height:               13.75"
Weight:              13 lbs.
CERF:                Clear    Nov. 13, 2011
OVC(Hips):        PASS Cert# 0043113
MDRI:                normal/normal
PRA:                  normal/carrier
HC:                    CLEAR (GenSol)
BET producer (Produces Blue eyed Tris)

Grandsires:  INT CH Pocket Blue Genes &             
INT CH Southern Cross What's Your Alibi
Keeyla is currently doing Intermediate Agility Training.
Keeyla is an excellent example of what a Toy "sized" Australian
Shepherd should look like.
She is well balanced, and well proportioned.  Her temperament is
loving and loyal.  Keeyla has never met a stranger and has no
Aussie reserve at all.  Her herding instinct is medium to strong.  
She can run like the wind and has developed an awesome ability
to leap into the air over jumps reaching amazing heights for her
size.  She loves to go for rides in the car. Keeyla is a happy and
intelligent dog.  She has the most beautiful coat too.  Keeyla
passes all of these traits on to her pups.
Keeyla is registered with the National Stock Dog Registry, (NSDR) and the American Stock Dog Registry
(ASDR), and with NAMASCUSA, and also with IMASC.
I am also a member of MASCA, TASAA, CMASA, IMASC, CKC, and NAMASCUSA.
Keeyla has had her eyes examined by an ophthalmologist and certified clear. (CERF)
She has been evaluated using the Puppy Puzzle by Ruth Vanderhoof. Keeyla did very well achieving an
ABOVE average show/breed quality evaluation mark.
Keeyla has achieved her International Championship Sept 12, 2010 at the Gananoque, Ontario, IABCA
show, and is now a Canadian Rare Breed Champion through RBCSWO.
I am currently feeding Keeyla "Pulsar" dog food.  I also recommend "Now", "Go Natural," "Acana" and
"Orijen" dog food.  All are corn free, high quality dog foods made here in Canada.  See my
Links page for
a link to a reviews and ingredients listing of both these high quality dog foods..
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Keeyla loves to jump!
What a nice tuck up!

This jump is set at 20"
She clearly jumps it at about 22"
She can jump higher, but sometimes she will run under... :)
She can jump onto the back of our sofa from the floor.  Our
sofa is 34" high!

Note about safety:  In agility, dogs are only supposed to jump a
certain height for their size.  It doesn't matter to Keeyla if the jump
is at 10" high or 20" high, she will still jump it as if it's 22" high.  I
don't make her jump these heights, she naturally does it on her
own.  We have not experienced any injuries.   Please do not
encourage your dog to jump higher than recommended height for
your dog, and also I recommend you don't compete in agility
events until your dog is over one year of age.
when she
has her
"coat" on.
Keeyla has been ACCURATELY measured using the method described below.
She is 13.75" tall.  The latest measurement was taken at 16 months old.  
She is a measured as a Toy sized Aussie.
I challenge other breeders/show dog owners to accurately measure your dogs.
Since official wickets are insanely's an alternative but accurate way to measure your dog.

Stack your dog near a wall in your house.  Using a level, move the ends of the level until the bubble is exactly in the center of the level indicator, then use your pencil
to mark the wall underneath the level where it touches the wall. (if using a rigid ruler as in the pictures below, or piece of wood, place a small level on top of it so the
bubble is exactly in the center) Move your dog away from the wall and measure the distance from the mark to the floor.  If you have been careful - and honest - you
now have an accurate measurement of your dog’s height.
Keeyla earning her herding instinct certificate.
from puppy to puppy ugly
stage to now.
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