No Limit Follow Me Taz HIC
Miniature American Shepherd registered

Dam:                 No Limit Button
Whelped:          November 12, 2009
Height:              16"
Weight:             22 LBS
CERF:               Clear   November 2011
OFA (Hips):       Preliminary Good
OVC (Hips):       PASS Cert# 0044352
PRA-Prcd:         N/P (Healthy Carrier)
MDR1:               N/N (clear)                       
Red Factored:   YES    
BET Carrier:      Probably
"No Limit Follow Me Taz"
He has a sweet loving temperament.  He is a bit shy of men though and has strong guardian & herding instincts.  He has an
excellent recall.  I think he would make a great agility dog.  He has a nice top line, nice bone, a great head and muzzle and the
cutest ear set I’ve ever seen.  He also travels well in the car.  He is 16" Tall and currently weighs 22 lbs.  Both his parents are toy
sized dogs.   I predict that Taz will throw toy sized puppies when bred with a small female, but any size can happen.
Sire:  No Limit Mojo Man  13"         Dam:  No Limit Button  10"
From Waggin Tail and Woodcock bloodlines.
Is she gunna eat
(No, don't worry,
she's just yawning.)
Teaching the
Taz's Sire:  
"Mojo" 13"
Red tri with
one blue eye.
Taz's Dam:  
"Button" 10"
Blue merle
with blue eyes.
It's amazing Taz grew this big when his
parents are so small.  It's just another
way to show the size variations you
can get of the Australian Shepherd.
This is "TAZ".  He is a black tri miniature sized australian
shepherd male, but comes from Toy sized parents.  See
pictures below...
Taz's Sire:  "Mojo"      13"
Taz's mommy.  10" Tall.