Welcome to my website.  I became a breeder because I fell in love with a little dog,
("Keeyla") and wanted to share with others the kind of joy she has brought into my life.
I am consistently getting 14" to 16.5" sized dogs on average. Although I prefer this small
to mid mini size, I breed for health, temperament, and conformation first before size,
color and herding instinct.  
Browse my site and learn all about my program and why I love this breed.  
My love for the breed is why I want to share them with you.
I take pride in the fact that I ensure each puppy finds just the right home.
I vow no puppy I ever produce will end up in a shelter or pound.  Therefore I promise to
take back any puppy or dog that I have produced at any time in it's life for any reason.
I also take health testing seriously and logically.  I look at more than just the parents of a
potential litter.  I have an extensive pedigree data base where I keep records of health &
Ask me, not only
what tests I do, but why.

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Buyers beware:  
Ask the breeder about PRA.  Have they tested for it?
Buyers beware:  
Not just a pretty website...please take the time, if possible, and drive the
distance needed to visit the breeder you are thinking about getting a puppy
from.  Feel comfortable with how your puppy is raised and how the puppy's
parents are housed and cared for.  My dogs either live in my home and are a
part of my family, or live in co-own homes with families of their own that love
them and care for them.  Be wary of a breeder who will not allow you to visit or
wants to meet you somewhere away from their property.
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For ADULT dogs
It is with great honor and pride to announce to you that the Canadian Kennel
Club has approved to add the Miniature American Shepherd to the list of Listed
Breeds! We are now eligible to register with a Miscellaneous Certification
number and as of July 1st/2018 the breed will be eligible to be shown as a
listed breed in group VII. Great work to all who have contributed and made this
possible! WOOHOO!:)
For years I docked tails as per the breed standard.  Now, in CKC our breed
standard has no preference between docked or naturally long tails.  Due to
overwhelming requests from you, my puppy buyers, I have decided that most all
of my litters will have naturally long tails.  I may still decide to have some tails
docked but the majority will have tails.  If you are looking for a docked tail,
please ask to refer you to a breeder I recommend.