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Velvet is 8mths.
About Velvet:
Friendly with other dogs and with people.  She adapts well to change.  Eager
to please, food and play motivated.  A great opportunity for a performance
dog, agility, or other.  Velvet is super affectionate and enjoys lap time just as
much as ball time.  She loves the company of another dog to play with.  
Great with puppies too. Has had some exposure to cats. Loves the outdoors
and loves to run!  Her new home will need lots of room for her to stretch her
legs.  She has excellent recall inside, but poor recall outside, so a fenced
yard is advised.  She is high energy and not suited to apartment living.  I
would also like her new family to have someone who doesn't work long hours
every day.  Velvet will "entertain herself" if left alone too long.  She is learning
good behaviour but is in the teenage stage.  She CAN jump on to high
surfaces if a chair is left out.  Super smart. Super loving. Super active.

My plans for Velvet:  Velvet is one of THE nicest dogs I've ever produced
temperament wise.  She is also very nice structure and she has already
acheived her UKC Championship and we are currently working toward her
CKC title.  I will continue to show her in 2019.  Some time after she is 2 years
old, and after her health testing is completed, she will be paired with an
equally exceptional male to produce a litter of puppies.  Those puppies will be
of expectional quality.  Velvet will be an important part of my breeding
program.  I plan to infuse her beauty, her smarts and her temperament into
my program to help produce, healthy, sound companions for future families.  
In this breed, too many dogs are shy, fearful of strangers or aggressive.  
With Velvets loving and friendly temperament, I hope to produce puppies like
her and help weed out those undesired traits of this breed. To accomplish
this, 2-4 litters, and retired at 4 or 5 years old is my plan.  Litters will happen
at my place unless otherwise agreed. For more information:

contact me at loka@nexicom.net
For more pics and video go to Facebook.