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Getting ready for the big day...
This is where my girls have had their litters in the past,in my living
room next to the kitchen.  Private but open concept enough for
pups to get lots of early socialization and used to everyday sounds
like the vacuum, the phone, people coming and going.  I can see
this area from my office as well.  Each mom now has their own
birthing suite and nusery now that my teens have grown and
moved out. I have two spare rooms I've converted for this purpose.
view past puppies.
A puppy application is a good place to start for puppy buyers.  It is two pages long and may ask some pretty personal
questions. Click to view a copy of my
Puppy application.  You can copy and paste it into your own word software, complete and
then email back to me at followmeaussies@gmail.com  or loka@nexicom.net
Your puppy will be well socialized by our children, and our other pets, (cats) as well as different people coming and going.  
They will also have some experience travelling in a car.  When you bring your new puppy home, they will already be started on a high quality dog
food.  I highly suggest you continue to feed your dog a good quality dog food.  
Feeding it dog food found in your local grocery store is poor quality and could cause health issues down the road.  
Your puppy will have been de-wormed and have had his/her first set of vaccinations & be micro-chipped.  
Each puppy will have either a natural bob or docked tail.  On occasion I will leave a natural long tail, please inquire.  Dew claws are no longer
removed unless on the rear or very large on the front.  
Each puppy sold to a breeder or to a co-own home will have his eyes tested by a Certified Ophthalmologist.
Please note, when you buy a "pet quality " puppy from me, you are
agreeing to my pet contract whether you sign it or not.
Pricing and Preference:
I will be giving preference to puppy buyers that are also show homes or agility or other dog sport homes or  willing to keep their "show/breed quality" dog intact
for future breeding purposes.  (Incentives/discount may be offered)  If you currently don't show dogs, you can start.  It's fun and easy to learn.
I can guide you along the way.  Or, I can show them for you!
Please contact me for pricing.
Please contact me regarding a private contract if you are a breeder.
Size as adult is an
estimation and not guaranteed.  No refund will be given if Toy sized priced dog ends up being a miniature.
All puppy buyers must sign either a pet contract if buying a companion animal to be spayed or neutered, or a breeding contract if buying a show/breed quality
puppy that will stay intact for possible future breeding.

What comes with your puppy:
Your new puppy will come already started on litter box training and may be started on some crate training.  Your puppy will have been started on being
socialized with humans, other animals, sounds and different surfaces.  She or he will also have been on a few short car rides.
To get you started, I will include a scent blanket, toys, dog food, chews, and lots of other things, like their health record, first vaccination, pedigree, and THREE
YEAR written health guarantee.  Your puppy also comes micro-chipped.  I also include a puppy training booklet.  All this and I make myself available to you for
questions you may have along the way during the lifetime of your pet.  I also guarantee to take back your dog at any time you find yourself unable to care for him
or her, for any reason, for the life of your pet.  Pet puppies prices are non negotiable and are subject to change at anytime.
To see who's expecting and what future litters are planed....Click here .
Some Moms will raise their litters in my new puppy
palace!  This is a small but comfortable kennel
with two yards accessed by doggie doors.  One
side is grass, the other is a puppy patio play yard.
Both yards and Palace are video monitored with
four cameras.  Also temperature alarms go off at
my office unit if it gets too cold or too hot.  The
palace is located right off my kitchen and beside
my entrance to my home so pups and moms get
lots of socialization and supervised visits.
Puppies come with a written 3 year health warranty, microchip and first vaccination.
Each puppy also goes home with a puppy pack that includes a starter kit.
Your puppy, will be eligible for either one or more of the registries:
CKC Misc. certificate registration.
AKC Miniature American Shepherd
NSDR (National Stock Dog Registry for Toy & Mini Aussies)
ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry for Toy & Mini Aussies)
IMASC or MASCA (which I seldom use anymore, all depends on the parents of your pup)
Unless you are a breeder, I no longer SHIP puppies by plane.  If you want a puppy
from me, you will need to fly in and pick up your puppy in person.
There are some exceptions.
go to my Facebook page for more pictures.
Search for Follow Me Canine Companions and ask to join group.
Nuqa and Porter had 4 black tri boys, 2
blue merle girls and one blue merle
boy.  some of the pups have a lot of
white on their heads.  This was a TRI
to Merle breeding, so I'm expecting
the puppies to not have any vision or
hearing problems.

The Royal Litter....
UKC Champion
Keecam FW Polar Icewind@Follow Me
SPOT designation acheivement
UKC Pointed Follow Me To The Clouds
PRA clear
Nuqa and Porter welcomed 5 boys and 2 girls
on April 24th.
Two awesome temperament dogs will
undoubtedly produces awesome temperament
puppies.  Therapy dog prospects, agility
prospects, great family pets for families with

Puppy Pick up day is between June 15th and
Meghan Mismarkle   On Hold
Charles  on hold
Alexander (ON HOLD)
Andrew (ON HOLD)
Philippe ON HOLD
Louis    On HOLD
Kate   SOLD
Black Tri male - SOLD
Black Tri male -  SOLD
Black Tri male - On HOld
Black Tri male - on hold
Blue Merle Male - On HOLD
Blue Merle Girl - SOLD
Blue Merle Girl - On HOLD
Effie had three puppies  May 11th.
blue Merle girl (on hold)
blue merle boy(on hold)
Black tri boy (toy sized) (SOLD)

Colt and Effie welcomed 3 puppies May 11th.
One black tri male is available.
He will likely be toy sized.
Pictures coming soon.
Follow Me Journey's Little Miss
"Effie"     14.5"
PRA, HC & DM Clear
IC Diamond Black Colt
"Colt"    12.5"